Meet the Founder

Hi lovely!

I'm Bianca Chappell the proud Founder of The Mumprneurs|MK Network & owner of M|MK Coaching an NLP life & business coaching practice dedicated to supporting Mumpreneurs.

Not only am I deeply passionate about supporting mums starting out in business, but also the emotional well-being of mums too. There are a huge forgotten population of woman who is desperately trying to find the balance, of separating themselves between their, mummy, personal & professional persona {does that sound familiar?} 

So as a result, I have dedicated my career to working with woman just like that {possibly you}, by providing a coaching service & support network that empowers & inspires you to reconnect with who you are, & become more happier & fulfilled business woman, whilst meeting like minded Mumpreneurs along the way.

I am extremely proud, to have founded the Mumprneurs|MK Network, the first official group committed to solely supporting Mumpreneurs in Milton Keynes. Proudly doing so, through networking events, training, focus groups, business masterminding clubs & workshops, successfully since 2012. There is something for everyone within our network because it is run for Mumpreneurs, by Mumpreneurs!

I'm a warm-hearted, mummy, wife & business woman, who is proud of the fact, that one of my biggest personal drivers is to, inspire, empower, motivate, contribute & make a positive impact within on the world, one Mum & Mumpreneur at a time.

I am also a freelance writer for Blogs & on-line parenting publications, in association with my very own Blog The Real Mums Pulpit supporting Mums throughout the journey of motherhood. (Yes I'm addicted to supporting Mums & Mumpreneurs! Haha..)

Three of my biggest passions in life are motherhood, womanhood & business, & this is why I am committed to supporting Mumpreneurs in these three areas, & absolutely love what I do. Its great to have you stop by & have a look at our snazzy blog site, there are so many areas for you to benefit from within The Mumpreneurs|MK Network. Both on-line in our high engagement Facebook group & at our events down at very own Mumprneurs|MK Headquarters The Mumpreneurs|MK Center. So my lovely, don't be shy, we are a great bunch of ladies who are, just one event, workshop or Facebook click away, from adding value to you Mumpreneur journey.

Stay fabulous!

 Bianca Chappell BA-Hons P.T.L.S
{Founder of The Mumprneurs|MK Network}